Food coating introduction, batter and breading machine

Commercially introduced a coating process and added bread crumbs in the later stage

In the 1930s, it was mainly used for seafood. Nowadays, more types of food are coated, and commercial coatings have been formulated with a large amount of flour, seasonings, batter and bread flour. These flour, seasonings, batter and bread flour enhance the appearance and texture of the product, and lock the flavor and Moisture.

Coating equipment can handle various types of coatings, suitable for various products from fragile fish to shaped snacks.

Battering and breadcrumbing are traditional food preparation methods that have been industrialized in the past few decades. The coating adds value to the product and creates interest for consumers. Despite public concerns about unhealthy diets and trends in low-carbohydrate and low-fat products, the coated food market remains healthy, generating billions of euros/dollars every year.

There are regional differences in the types of coatings used.


Why apply batter and breadcrumbs?


Coatings add value to the product. They provide the following product-related benefits

• Improve the appearance and uniqueness of the product

• Enhanced taste by adding flavor

• Change the texture, taste of food

• Modify the nutritional value

• Increase production capacity and product value

• Protect the product during freezing

Post time: Nov-10-2020