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  • Why food needs to be powdered and passed through a Preduster?

    Predusting machine is can cover the meat with a layer of flour or sometimes very fine crumbs.  Before applying batter and breadcrumbs, The flour is usually used as the first layer. Dust adheres to the surface by absorbing free water on the surface. It will be used later to form an intermediate la...
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  • Batter and breading Processing Steps

    The battering and breading process can be used to coat meat and non-meat products. In this process, dry ingredients and/or wet ingredients are applied to the wet surface of ordinary or cured (moisturized) meat products. The correct adhesion is a challenge for the processor because it depends on t...
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  • Our company won the title of excellent quality supplier in 2018

    Food machinery and equipment network is an Internet service platform, which provides an opportunity for domestic and foreign food equipment industry and food production enterprises to communicate with each other and develop together. Our company has also been working with the platform. On the 12t...
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