How to make prefect chicken nuggets, Frying in the prepared food processing

The nugget food product have become very popular on the market. BOKANG can provide the solution for the food industry for making the chicken nuggets.

The frying operetion is used to hold the production texture, as well as  develop a golden color/brown on the product surface. The continuous frying machine have two mesh belt, prevent the product from floating. The machine can be adapted to a variety of energy to meet the different requirement of uses.

Due to the different frying process user, oil tank size and power according to the fried product moisture size and time to adjust. The chicken nuggets usually fry for a short time in the food factory. and then the product will be re-cooked by oven or other heating tools after the consumer home. As a long frying machine, the important thing is Whether the temperature of the oil is even in the machine and Is there an automatic residue cleaning. After the residue in the machine for long time, It will be burned and attach on the chicken nuggets surface. The auto residue cleaner in the frying machine is very important. A good cleaner can make a prefect appearance of chicken nuggets.


Post time: Jul-22-2020